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Our website provides information about the MND clinical & healthcare research studies that are currently open to recruitment across the UK.  We work closely with NIHR Clinical Research Network, patient advocacy groups and other stakeholders to support and enable patients to take part in research.

Please signpost your patients to the Research Studies webpages so that they can explore which research opportunities might be right for them, and support them by reviewing study eligibility criteria and referring to participating sites where appropriate.  

Calendar of events for MND healthcare and research staff

Education and training

MND resources

The MND Professionals' Community of Practice (CoP) is a peer-led group of health and social care professionals who encourage and develop improvements in care for people living with or affected by MND.

Hosted by the MND Association, it is open to all, regardless of whether or not they are affiliated with an MND Association Care Centre or Network. The CoP sits harmoniously alongside this group – with the CoP focusing on clinical care, and the UK MND Clinical and Healthcare Research Community focusing on research.

There are many resources available on the "Professionals" area of the MND Association website, aimed at healthcare professionals who provide care and support for people living with or affected by MND, including:

EDUCALS is an online learning network for healthcare professionals, endorsed by the European Network to Cure ALS (ENCALS).  Two modules are currently available:

Clinical research resources

New to health and care research?

The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) offers free Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training courses for people supporting clinical research delivery at the NHS, UK universities and other publicly funded organisations in England. You can access GCP training via NIHR Learn.

NIHR also offers a range of support and training for people who are new to health and care research. You can find details of their online courses here, including courses "What is health and care research?", "Starting Out in Health and Social Care Research" and "Improving Healthcare through Clinical Research".

Developing or experienced researcher?

NIHR Learn provides training courses focused around research delivery, such as Informed Consent, Fundamentals for Laboratory Staff, Fundamentals for IMP Management, Principal Investigator Training, Remote Consent, Research Inclusion and many more.

NIHR also offers other training and support resources, such as:

Resources for research sites

We are developing a suite of documents to support clinical trial sites across the UK to take part in and successfully deliver MND clinical & healthcare research.  The first of these is a clinical trial costing guidance for commercial MND trials.

Download the guidance document here: Clinical Trial Costing Guidance for MND 

The intention is to encourage sponsors to utilise this guidance when they first generate a study budget in the national costing tool (the NIHR interactive costing tool, or iCT), and then support the lead site when they review the budget during the national contract value review. Alternatively, participating sites can refer to the guidance document if the national contract review hasn’t accounted for all costs.  The goal is to reduce the need for protracted budget negotiations at each site, therefore reducing workload and speeding up set-up; and to have a fairer and more transparent costing process so that there is less budget variability between sites.

For additional information or to discuss how the MND CSG can help industry and sites with trial costings please contact

Clinical Trial Costing Guidance for MND_v1_18May2023.pdf

Studies open to new research sites

If you are a researcher or research site looking to explore new opportunities to get involved in MND healthcare research, below are studies that have confirmed they are open to new sites. You can find more details about each study via the links, and can reach out to the lead site to have an exploratory discussion.

Drug trials: 

MAGNET: A phase 3 platform drug trial. Email if you are interested in learning more about becoming a trial centre.

MND-SMART: A phase 2/3 platform drug trial. Email if you are interested in learning more about becoming a trial centre.

Observational studies:

MND Register: Will consider new centres on a case-by-case basis, depending on their geographical location, to ensure the study has good coverage but without duplication. Email

Get in touch if you are a lead site and would like us to highlight your study being open to new sites.