The Telehealth in MND system: development and evaluation (TIME)

UK Chief Investigator

Professor Chris McDermott

Research summary

Telehealth in MND (TiM) is a remote monitoring system for people with MND and their carers, who complete regular questionnaires through the system, which are reviewed by healthcare professionals. We also have funding to develop a research-specific TiM system. Therefore, the current service is called TiM-Care and the new system is called TiM-Research. This project aims to develop and evaluate the two systems.

The project is split into four parts:

Current status

Open to recruitment

Recruitment target

460 participants in the UK

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Recruitment groups


Information about study sites

Contact details

Dr Liam Knox  Email: L.Knox@sheffield.ac.uk

Key dates

Recruitment opening date: 24 July 2023

Planned recruitment end date: 30 November 2026

Inclusion / exclusion criteria

Inclusion criteria for patients with MND:

Inclusion criteria for carers:

Inclusion criteria for healthcare professionals:

Inclusion criteria for MND researchers:

Inclusion criteria for Industry staff:


NIHR Academy


University of Sheffield

Study design


Outcome measures

Primary outcome measure

Secondary outcome measures