Studies closed to recruitment

Links to studies that have closed to recruitment can be found below. Click on the study title for further details:

Study titleDate closed to recruitmentCurrent status
BioMOx BioMOx: The Oxford Study for Biomarkers in Motor Neuron Disease2018-12-31• Data being analysed;
• Manuscript in preparation;
• Results published (links to papers provided).
Tongue EIM Developing electrical impedance myography of the tongue for motor system disorders2018-07-31Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
Biogen Methodology study Methodology Study of Novel Outcome Measures to Assess Progression of ALS2017-05-31Analysis
ALS/FTD study Is ALS/FTD Neuropsychologically distinct from FTD?2017-10-15Closed to Recruitment, No Follow Up
CALL-Me Assessment of care augmentation by location-linked messaging in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with respiratory impairment compared with current standard care2019-02-07Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
OPTCARE Neuro Evaluation of the clinical and cost­ effectiveness of Short-­term Integrated Palliative Care Services (SIPC) to OPTimise CARE for people with advanced long­term Neurological conditions (OPTCARE Neuro)2017-11-10Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
ALSCarE A Programme for ALS Care in Europe (ALSCarE)2017-08-04Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
EncoreAnywhere Monitoring and promoting adherence to non-invasive ventilation in motor neurone disease using EncoreAnywhere telemonitoring2017-04-01Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
CSNAT Enabling tailored and coordinated support for family carers of people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) through adaptation of a Carer Support Needs Assessment Tool (CSNAT) Intervention2019-06-17Closed to Recruitment, no follow up
COMMEND feasibility study A feasibility study of acceptance and COMmitment therapy for people with Motor nEuroN Disease (COMMEND)2018-11-30Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
Using MRI to investigate energy metabolism Using MRI to investigate energy metabolismClosed to Recruitment, no follow up
MIROCALS Efficacy and safety of low-dose IL-2 (ld-IL-2) as a Treg enhancer for controlling neuro-inflammation in newly diagnosed Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) patients: A randomized, double-blind, placebo- controlled, phase-II Proof of Concept/ Proof of Mechanism Clinical Trial2019-11-04Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
ProSec3 The findings of this research will help doctors to better manage problems with excessive saliva production in people with MND and improve the quality of life of those patients. It will also verify a system of assessing the severity and progression of saliva problems, enabling the evaluation of potential treatments in future studies.2020-08-30Data being analysed
MIND-MAPS-ALS Molecular Imaging of Neurodegenerative Disease – Mitochondria, Associated Proteins & Synapses – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (MIND-MAP-ALS)2020-19-03Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
HighCALS intervention development study: A qualitative study to develop, refine and assess the acceptability of a complex intervention to increase nutritional intake in people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.2020-30-09Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
ILB phase 2 trial: A phase II study to determine the safety and tolerability of ILB , a type of low molecular weight dextran sulfate, in patients with Motor Neurone Disease (MND)/ Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)2020-10-12Closed to Recruitment, In Follow Up
REVEALS Respiratory Registry: The overall aim of this study is to identify the most appropriate outcome measures to detect meaningful clinical differences in breathing and cough muscle strength which can be used in future studies to evaluate the effectiveness of new treatments.2021Closed to Recruitment