MND Research sites across the UK

How can I get involved?

We recommend that you discuss opportunities for taking part in research with your regular neurological team.  Most studies, particularly interventional trials (studies where participants receive a study treatment, or “intervention”, to evaluate the effect of that intervention), require you to be receiving clinical care from the site taking part in the trial.  If there is a specific trial you are interested in and the neurological team providing your care is not taking part, they can review the eligibility criteria for the trial and if you are potentially eligible they can arrange a clinical referral, with the intention that you are reviewed for potential research opportunities.

Some clinical research studies allow you to sign up yourself and take part in the research online or “remotely” (by telephone or video-call, without the need for you to physically attend a clinical site), including the studies below:

Below is information about sites in your area taking part in clinical research studies. Alternatively, to find out detailed information about each of the research studies currently ongoing across the UK, click here.


1) North East and North Cumbria:


2) North West Coast:


3) Yorkshire and Humber:


4) Greater Manchester:


5) East Midlands:


6) West Midlands:


7) West of England:


8) Thames Valley & South Midlands:


9) Eastern:


10) Kent, Surrey and Sussex:


11) Wessex:


12) South West Peninsula:


13) North Thames:


14) South London:


15) North West London: