Dr Tim Williams

Dr Tim Williams is a Newcastle graduate (1990), and completed his training (and PhD) in the North East. He was appointed consultant neurologist to the Regional Neurosciences Centre in Newcastle in July 2000, when he assumed the medical directorship of the Newcastle MND Care and Research Centre.

Dr Williams has taken part (with the able assistance of many other MND centre staff members) in a large number of drug treatment trials for MND (including the original Riluzole trials).  However, for the present whilst the prospect of truly effective treatments for MND seems a long way away, Dr Williams academic and research interests centre around clinic interventions which might have a positive impact on the quality of life of MND patients and their families.  He was centrally involved in the pivotal trial of NIV conducted in Newcastle which remains the only controlled trial of this intervention in MND ever conducted. Other studies of interventions include PEG and diaphragm pacing. High quality multi-disciplinary care for all with MND is his goal!