Professor Martin Turner

Professor Martin Turner is a Consultant Neurologist and Co-Director of the Oxford MND Care & Research Centre at the John Radcliffe Hospital. He has been involved in MND research since 2000.  His primary research interest is in developing markers of disease activity in MND.  These are essential, not just to shorten the time from symptom onset to diagnosis, but to reduce the time needed to test new drugs, and to unravel core mechanisms of disease.  The Oxford Study for Biomarkers in MND (BioMOx) is a platform for studying all types of MND patient using the latest brain scanning and chemical analysis of blood, repeated at intervals to build up a picture of how markers change over time.  It is hoped this might also provide clues to why MND spreads faster in some people than others.  Professor Turner is particularly interested in studying MND patients known to have a hereditary form of the condition due to a change in their genetic code.  Studying their relatives can provide a vital window to the earliest changes, and so to the best pathways to target with drugs.