Dr Oliver Hanemann

Consultant Neurologist, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust

Director Institute of Translational and Stratified Medicine, PU Peninsula Medical School


I trained at Medical School in Hamburg, Glasgow, Johns Hopkins and Harvard.  After a DFG research fellowship in molecular neurobiology I was neurology registrar at Medical School in Düsseldorf.  From 2000 I was consultant incl. clinical outpatient lead and senior lecturer at the medical school in Ulm continuing my work on brain tumours and motor neuropathies.  During that time, I was also trained as a medical geneticist. In 2005 I became chair of clinical neurobiology at the Peninsula medical school establishing clinical neurobiology research at PU PSMD.  I work as a neurology consultant and my own research at PU PSMD focusses on low grade brain tumours and clinical trials for motor neuron disease.

Since 2014 I have lead the centre of excellence on low grade brain tumours funded by Brain Tumour Research. Our centre has built up a low grade glioma collection and works close to the clinic.

I have and had a number of senior roles within the SW

I have been Associate Medical Director for R&D Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust and Academic lead department of Neurology PHNT.

In my current role as Director of the Institute for Translational and Stratified Medicine at PU Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry (PU PSMD) my remit is to champion research across traditional boundaries and focus on world-leading research at PU PSMD.

From 2014-2017 I have been Associate Dean of Research for PU PSMD and since 2016 I am member of Plymouth University senate.

Nationally and internationally I am member off

Council of the British Neurooncology Society and have led the research committee for 3 years
The translation and new agents Brain tumour group of the NCRI (now meningioma and metastasis group) and was on the Brain Tumours NCRI CSG.
Member of MND CSG and portfolio management group
The scientific advisory board of a number of charities including the Children’s Tumour Foundation and Brain Research Trust
I am reviewer for more than 20 journal and numerous granting agencies including. DFG, MRC, Cancer Research UK

Invited lectures over 45

Higher degree supervisions 19 primary and 10 secondary

Grant income previously and finished around 2.3 Mill (incl CR UK), currently, Brain Tumour Research, The Brain Tumour Charity, Dr Hadwen Trust and Takeda

Selected publication of over 120, 2016 h-index 34

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