Dr Marwa Elamin PhD

Dr Elamin undertook clinical training in neurology in Dublin (Republic of Ireland) which was followed by a clinical fellowship in neurodegenerative disorders in Edinburgh (U.K).  She completed her PhD at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in 2012.  She worked with Irish Motor Neuron Disease (MND) Research group at TCD where her research focused on the cognitive and behavioural manifestations of MND as well as the development of prognostic models for MND and exploring genetic sub-phenotypes.  She also co-edited and co-authored a book entitled Neurodegenerative Disorders – A Clinical Guide.  Dr Elamin moved to Sussex in early 2017 where she is now a senior lecturer at the Department of Neuroscience, Brighton & Sussex Medical School and an honorary consultant neurologist at the Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals Trust.  She is also a co-director of Sussex MND Care and Research Network.  Her research interests include studies aiming to develop evidence-based therapies for neurodegenerative diseases such as MND and Parkinson-plus syndrome and/or on developing models for understanding these disorders.  She has a particular interest in the link between the cognitive and motor manifestations of neurodegenerative disorders and in studies targeting understudied patho-mechanisms that may be driving or propagating the neurodegenerative process.