Dr Andria Merrison

Dr Andria Merrison is the Director of the Bristol MND Centre.  The Bristol MND Centre was established, in collaboration with the Motor Neurone Disease Association, in 2010 and provides services for people living with Motor Neurone Disease in the North half of the South West.  The centre has particularly developed multi-disciplinary integrated home ventilation services and psychological support for those it serves.

Dr Andria Merrison is also the Director of the South West Neuromuscular Operational Delivery Network (SWNMODN), providing services for people living with other Neuromuscular conditions throughout the South West.  This network is the first Neuromuscular ODN in the UK and in 2016 was awarded national Network of Excellence status by Muscular Dystrophy UK.

Dr Andria Merrison trained in Cambridge and Bristol before undertaking Specialist training in Neurology and Intensive Care Medicine in the South West.  She went on to further sub-specialist training in Oxford and London. She was awarded an MD for her research into the potential of human bone marrow stem cells for muscle repair.


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