Dr Andrea Malaspina

Consultant Neurologist, University College London (UCL) Queen Square MND Centre

Dr Andrea Malaspina is a Reader in Clinical Neurology and Consultant Neurologist with research interests in neuromuscular and motor cell disorders.  He is the Co-Director of  the National Hospital London MND Care Centre.  His research focus is the identification and characterisation in accessible tissues and bio-fluids of biological signals whose expression, composition and conformation reflect the risk of developing a neurodegenerative pathology, predict its rate of progression and response to treatment.  This multimodal approach is applied to motor neurone disease to unravel the biological mechanisms behind onset and propagation of this neurodegenerative process. He has established and developed large biobanking projects for neurodegenerative disorders and for MND, including the ALS Biomarkers Study and A Multicentre Biomarker Resource Strategy in ALS (AMBRoSIA), combining longitudinal collection and novel concepts for storage and biochemical assay optimisation.