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The group oversees the delivery of portfolio studies in MND and recommends ways to improve the feasibility of these studies to ensure they meet their predefined targets. They can also provide early advice on whether a potential study will be supported by the clinical community, and feasibility of carrying out the planned research successfully within the patient population.

We have built a network of MND active researchers throughout the country and are keen to expand this to ensure that there is the opportunity for every patient diagnosed with MND to participate in research should they wish to.

If you are a clinician or healthcare professional who is involved in MND research or are keen to become involved in MND research and would like to find out how we can support your activity then please email:

Patients: What MND research is taking place

There is a wide variety of MND research taking place throughout the UK and new studies that are permitted to commence recruitment on a regular basis.  If you are interested in finding out more about research involving people living with MND in the UK please click here.  All studies are required to have inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure that the research question is answered, therefore it might be that some of the studies listed may not be suitable for you to participate in.

The UK MND CSG seeks to involve patients and carers in all aspects of our work, and appreciates input from lay members who provide their perspective as a person affected by neurodegenerative disease into the development, management and reporting of clinical studies; whilst assisting with the prioritisation and development of the overall portfolio of clinical studies. If you would like to become involved with the group as a lay member then please get in touch.


Some of the key stakeholders the group works with to support the design, delivery and implementation of research outcomes from MND research are:

If you are interested in the work that the group do and would like to find out more, or feel that the group can support the research that you are involved in, please get in touch.

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The group meets monthly by teleconference
If you are a commercial company or MND researcher and would like to contact the group about a project then please email via

Meet the Researcher

Your chance to get to know MND researchers a little better: our Meet the Researcher section includes interviews with scientists and clinicians.