NiSALS – Contributing clinical MRI scans to Multi-centre collaborations

People who are diagnosed with MND often have an MRI scan of their brain and cervical cord (the part in the neck area) as part of their diagnostic work-up, to exclude other causes of their symptoms. NiSALS is an international collaboration of neuroscience centres involved in research in MND. People with MND are asked for their consent to use the MRI scans obtained at the time of diagnosis for research purposes. If they agree, the anonymised scans are sent together with standardised clinical data to an international data repository based at the University of Jena, Germany. Researchers can apply for permission to use this large data resource obtained from people with MND from many different countries to test ideas about the way the disease works. The opportunity to study large numbers of scans results in a higher change of being able to detect subtle changes of potential importance to further our understanding of how the disease works. (Recruiting at Sheffield)