Motor System Genomics

We are studying biological fluid samples from MND patients, family members of the patients with MND, disease control (patients with other motor system disorders and neurological conditions) and healthy controls to identify markers that could be used to aid diagnosis. We hope that particular changes in fluid composition may help us to understand how MND arises, how to diagnose the condition at an earlier stage and to understand responses to treatment. We currently study two fluids and skin cells as detailed below:
Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)
Cerebrospinal fluid is the liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. We are studying changes in the composition to help understand the biochemical changes happening in MND.
Blood has the advantage of being an easily accessible fluid to examine. The aim of this project is to identify MND specific, blood-based biological ‘fingerprints’ that can be useful in diagnosis, prognosis prediction and disease monitoring.
The skin biopsy samples collected is for establishing cultured fibroblasts as an experimental model of disease. Skin samples are processed and the skin cells cultured in the lab to generate the fibroblasts.
If interested in participating and would like further information, the contact details are below:

Mbombe Kazoka (0114 222 2258)
Lee Tuddenham (0114 222 2263)