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The UK MND network consists of experienced researchers and professionals located throughout the UK, which provides the geographical coverage (see table below) required to conduct multi-centre MND studies that can deliver to time and target.

Positive Reasons for Bringing Commercial Research Into the UK

Members can provide early advice on whether a potential study will be supported by the clinical community and will be feasible within the NHS (e.g. available resources such as MRI, acceptability of the control regimen, compatibility with UK clinical practice). The group has experience in working with NHS Trusts to develop and implement strategies to increase their capacity to deliver commercial research and a track record of collaborative research.

Clinician members include those who are experts in their field and have academic excellence in MND research with experience of working with commercial partners to understand their needs both with studies in the pipeline and the delivery of commercial trials within the UK.

Members hold information in strict confidence and are used to dealing with commercially sensitive material and thus industrial parties can be reassured that documents and discussions remain confidential.

The group has a coordinator who is experienced with setting up multi-centre studies and can support companies with the ethical and research governance processes in the UK.

Key stakeholders the group works with to support the MND Portfolio include:

  • Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • UK Clinical Research Network Co-ordinating Centre
  • Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs)
  • LCRN Research Delivery Managers for Division 4
  • MND care centre Directors and Co-ordinators
  • Allied health care professionals working within MND
  • The wider MND community

Performance and Delivery

The group has worked together effectively in designing, setting up and recruiting to multiple multi-centre studies including academic-led drug studies.  They are experienced at gaining grant funding and ensuring the outcomes of the research they conduct are carried forward into clinical practice where a benefit to the patient is indicated.

The MND network has grown steadily over the years and now successfully supports a mixed portfolio of non-commercial and commercial research. Since 2009, 44 studies have been completed involving 7615 participants. The majority of these have closed to recruitment either ahead of or on time and reached their target or over. Through the Clinical Studies Group and the effective channels of communication it provides throughout the UK network, recruitment to studies with varying degrees of complexity can be facilitated.

* No studies closed to recruitment in 2015

* No studies closed to recruitment in 2015

Regional Areas and establishments represented within the MND Network –

Please see the Research Sites page to see the regional areas covered by the Network across the UK.

Meet the Researcher

Your chance to get to know MND researchers better: our Meet the Researcher section includes interviews with scientists and clinicians.