Our aims

  • Provide strategic oversight, support and monitor development and delivery of MND research across the UK
  • Identify gaps in MND research and agree on priority areas
  • Propose and develop new trials and other well-designed studies
  • Consider studies proposed by others
  • Consider international studies for inclusion in the Portfolio
  • Provide MND research advice
  • Act as an expert panel for novice MND researchers and new principal investigators
  • Ensure patient and public involvement in activities
  • Seek opportunities to become involved in initiatives in other related disease areas

MND Diagnosis study

A questionnaire study open to patients and family/caregivers A research team including Prof Mary O’Brien from Edge Hill University, Prof David Oliver from the University of Kent and Prof Chris... Read more →

HighCALS workshops

HighCALS is a research programme aiming to help people with MND achieve a high-calorie diet.  They are currently looking for MND healthcare professionals & those involved in commissioning / delivering services... Read more →